Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tuesday, June 26th

We are driving to Coos Bay, Oregon today. Our route follows Highway 101.

Update: 1840hrs.

We are in Coos Bay, Oregon. The Oregon Coastline north of the California border almost rivals the beauty of the California coast north of Bodega Bay. I have a few photos that I will post a bit later.

One stark realization was that as soon as we crossed the border into Oregon and stopped for lunch in Brookings we found ourselves back in small towns and cities that displayed economic vitality. The roads are better as well and the timber harvest is active. All of this was good to see after witnessing widespread economic depression in the Northern California Redwoods. Perhaps this can be attributed to the wise Oregonians keeping the San Francisco Bay Area, radical, environmentalists at bay with their common disrespect for Californians as a whole.

Coos Bay is a big city with it's own share of issues both good and bad. We will set out tomorrow to capture some of the natural beauty of the coastline via our faithful, Nikon D200.

The Brookings Harbor with the marine layer still overhead at 1400hrs.

A look up the coast, north of Brookings.

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  1. Bad ass photos. It looks like it's tough to miss a good shot there in that harbor. Incredible scenery. We need more photos of the dunes, though.