Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday, June 30th

We are heading up to Port Angeles today with a lunch stop in Forks, WA to visit the Logging Museum.

While you are the next post, I invite you to see "Rocky, the Motorhome Driving Daredevil" as he attempts to jump 35 cars in a motorhome.

Update: 2100hrs

Spectacular weather today! Just perfect!

As we were heading up Highway 101 on the east side of the bay from Long Beach Peninsula, we captured one of four air boats navigating the wetlands at good clip. Yesterday, I forgot to add that we really liked Long Beach. The property values are sane, the town hosts everything from one of the biggest Rod Runs, to Harley meets to a Sand Castle competition and more. It is good to see a local community with life in perspective and not too influenced by lesser humans that live in great concentration, in small boxes, hundreds of miles away.

Highway 101 from Long beach to Port Angeles is a superb road. We made great time. I reccommend this route for any sized vehicle. We stopped briefly on the coast at "Beach #4" for a few photos. On the beach were local, Hoh Indians catching perch by the bucket full.

As mentioned, we stopped at the Forks, WA Logging Museum and bypassed the Hoh Rain forest. The museum, operated by a friendly staff is small but packed with artifacts. Below is a vintage, chain saw display.

My youngest now wants a Log truck for his toy collection, and that is just right!

For 15 miles, Highway 101 sits right on the edge of Lake Crescent, a very deep lake with the most blue waters I have ever seen. The photo below captures the hues of the water from crystal clear to the immediate drop off and deep blue waters.

We are in Port Angeles. The scene out our RV window includes the snow capped mountains of the Olympic National Forest to the south. It's nightfall now and a Circle Track Raceway a few miles away has added proper music for the evening.

Tomorrow, we plan to visit Victoria, BC Canada.


  1. This is America!!! The moment was raw and in need of some popcorn to absorb the cold beer.

  2. Love the photography... The Nikon is getting a workout. Be safe and we hope you all are having a good time.

  3. Change your mind about Colorado---Yet??

  4. Bob, right now we are just planning to travel and or camp out every summer. Next year, I think we will do the Alaskan Highway.

    We will continue to base out of LAS for awhile. Hell, we have a new Class 10 car on order that will need use in the southwest deserts. Wanna do air support?

  5. I can handle that --keep me in the loop !! Fast car, fast plane !