Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday, June 28th

We are heading up to Long Beach, WA today.

Update: 2130hrs

We are in Long Beach on the sand. The drive up the coast was in rain the entire way. The sky partially cleared for a nice sunset at about 2100hrs.

We made a late start today after finding one of the tires on the Escalade flat this morning. I aired it up with the RV air supply and stopped at a Les Schwab Tire Store for repair. The techs found a small nail and had me out the door in 25 minutes - FOR FREE!

That's right, Les Schwab does not charge for fixing simple flats. What a contrast to Ted Weins Firestone in my home town of Las Vegas, NV where it seems that every slow leak or puncture always turns into a new tire purchase.

Also, if you ever travel the route we traveled today do not expect "RV friendly" gas stations or parking lots from Newport, all the way to Tillamook, although there are more "Rainbow Flags" on this section than I have ever seen prior, anywhere else.

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  1. Well, what do ya expect ?? driving a "monster truck" ???

    Ha Ha !!!