Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday, June 17th

Tehachapi, CA to Morro Bay, CA

We enjoyed perfect weather on this leg. The traffic was light on all routes except CA State Highway (SH) 41/46, between James Dean Memorial Intersection and Shandon. The eastbound traffic in this section looked like an exodus before a Tsunami. Just wild!

CA SH 41 is a real hoot of a road. narrow, twisty and without a lot of traffic, all of which I prefer over a road with bad statistics like the run from Shandon into Paso Robles, CA we just avoided.

CA SH 41 is marked as "restricted" and not for use by semi trucks with trailers longer than 30 feet. The picture below was taken near one of the remote ranches along this route.

We had a few folks pile up behind us on the twisties but, never too stressful as there were opportune turnouts to let them by.

In to Morro Bay.

We arrived at our destination by 1400hrs and took off for a tour of the town. We visited the Natural History Museum and walked Embarcadero a few times to find the right restaurant for the evening meal.

We also stumbled across a revolutionary new bicycle design and ordered one for Kim and myself. I asked for a new option that makes both wheels "steerable". Imagine that !

Tomorrow, we are off to Hearst Castle and Big Sur. We will be navigating California Highway 1 in the Monsterhome. Photos to follow.

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  1. I'd assume the bike serves as the complexity and confusion associated with liberalism, which grows particularly worse the further north you travel along the California coast.