Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Monday, June 18th

Morrow Bay, CA to Big Sur, CA

We found the model for the architecture of the new Chicas compound.

June Gloom was out in force as we left Morro Bay and was compounded with an even temperature of 60 degrees. Kim likes this kind of weather, I do not.

We made the short trip to San Simeon and Hearst Castle in no time. We boarded the taxi bus and as we climbed hill to the big house, we started to break through the clouds and fog. Once on the top of the hill the sun was out strong with the coastal breeze occasionally pushing streaks of fog through the former Hearst compound.

We were back on Highway 1 by 1230hrs heading for Big Sur. Because of the many sharp curves on this stretch of Highway 1, instead of flat towing the Escalade, Kim followed behind.

Ninety five of one hundred RV owners avoid Highway 1. Because the Monsterhome has a wide and stable chassis, has great brakes and great power (unlike 90% of the RV’s that make up that scandalous market), we had no reservations about the highway.

We maintained a good clip where I only had to pull over for faster vehicles four times in 80 miles. My queue was 2 or more cars piling up behind Kim who was in close follow of the Monsterhome. All passing driver’s were courteous and happy to not have to follow a large vehicle. Many waved a friendly hand with all fingers extended.

Overall, there were only two, really narrow sections of the road, one as seen below. Going north is always preferred in a big vehicle instead of southbound on the edge.

We landed at Big Sur Cabins and RV Resort about 1500hrs. This rustic camp is full of people from all ethnicities and background. The resounding thing we hear from them as the wander past our camp is about the size of the Monsterhome. Unfortunately, there is no WIFI Internet in the campground and that little dweeb from Verizon hasn’t done his job again as the entire area is void of voice and data cell service.

The kids have never seen such trees before. Wait ‘till we drive the Escalade through the “Drive Through, Redwood Tree” in a few days. Now, that will be "politicaly perfect"

A few more photos from W.R. Hearst's digs - the indoor pool.

Dining room. many more photos will be in my gallery soon.


  1. Glad to see you're back online. Now you've got me wondering whether it would be a better idea to avoid the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and head north along the coast. It's been a few years since we've been that route, and since the kid has yet to experience such hot spots as the aquarium, the trip is looking mighty fine when in route to the Sierras.

  2. Howdy Fidel! I would not consider a trip to the Grand Canyon without also hitting Monument Valley and Durango, CO. with a trip on the D&SNGRR up to Silverton.

    Do that next year and do Highway 1, Monterey and then over to the Sierras and Virginia City and Comstock Country this year. BTW, there are tons of awesome public camgrounds on the coast for tent and small rv campers. As we drove by them, we could only wish there was room for us.