Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Riding Season has commenced!

I left the compound at 0800hrs and 67 degrees. Hopefully the weather will hold to the official start of spring a bit ahead.

A quick loop of 215 miles in just under 4 hours was in order and a great time to dial in the Madstad Windscreen. I stick to my claims that this was the best addition so far on the Road Glide. Even with varying cross winds the ride was very comfortable. About the only turbulence at speed is coming of the side of the fairing. My next add-on will be a set of Sancho's Wings.

This loop is about 80 miles of divided highway with light traffic with the remainder being two lane, rural highway with very little traffic. The vistas just get better and better with every mile.

The far side of the loop is the tiny road stop of Death Valley Junction and my favorite route into Death Valley. I'll catch that whole loop soon,

Death Valley Junction pano-pic.The proverbial "blink and you'll miss it".