Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday, June 22nd

In Bodega Bay!

15:05hrs - With fast and free Internet access.

19:00hrs - The best food is found in the small, local eateries. Last year, we traveled the central west of our great country and found our best meal at a small cafe in Palisade, Colorado where we were treated to an awesome country style, western breakfast.

This year, the majority of our route follows the Pacific Coast, in and out of small fishing towns such as Bodega Bay, California where we made camp today. As a family we have been sticking to ordering local seafood dishes whenever possible. Today we sopped at "The Boathouse" in Bodega Bay and found, by far the best Fish & Chips, Fried Clam Strips and Seafood chowder of the trip so far, all for a price nearly half of what we paid the night before at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. The chowder was super rich, the fried fish was Rock Cod caught the very same day. Below is a photo of the restaurant. Stop by for an excellent, cheap meal on our recommendation if you have an opportunity to travel this route.

After Trip Update: "The Boat House" remained as the top value and quality, Seafood eatery the entire trip.

The Northern California Coast is all new to me and our family. We have never traveled here before. The following photos were shot around Bodega Bay in the afternoon and early evening sunlight.

Bean Avenue homes along the salt marsh, just north of town.

Homes along Highway 1 and right on Bodega Bay.

Fishing boats moored in the west marina.

The rugged coastline near the mouth of Bodega bay.

My favorite, an old abandoned pier in the harbour.

Tomorrow, we have a long drive of over 200 miles up to Garberville, California and the heart of the the Redwoods. Our route will be slow with a few stops too include the Point Arena Lighthouse.

Point Arena is also the location of a major, trans oceanic, fiber optic cable landing. If we find this facility, we'll snap a photo.

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