Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tuesday, June 19th

At Big Sur and up to Monterey Bay and back.

Today we drove north from our Big Sur camp to Monterey to visit the aquarium.

The aquarium is a must see for families. It represents the best variety of sea life on display in the US. With two stories of displays across two buildings, it took us 4 full hours to see everything.

A Coastal Sunfish, the biggest fish I have ever seen. It's huge and it look like it came out of a spaceship. This one is reported to way more than 500 lbs.

On the way back to camp, our route included Scenic Drive and Seventeen Mile Drive in Carmel. We also stopped to capture the Big Sur Coast in an afternoon light.

On Scenic Drive we found a 4000 sq ft lot for sale across the street from the ocean for a discount price of $4,700,000.

Tomorrow we are off to San Francisco with a full day stay to visit Chinatown via a walking tour and luncheon and then, a visit to Alcatraz.

I suspect that in San Fran, we will finally have decent Internet access again. The service in Monterey was horrible. When I could connect, the speed was 10% of dialup. This is what we get when the big phone companies monopolize wireless – crap service.

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