Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday, June 24th

We are just south of the Avenue of Giants and Garberville, CA. We are off to find the Drive Through, Redwood Tree among other "must see" natural attractions!

Update: 2030hrs

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! We found the "Drive Through Redwood Tree". The Escalade squeezed through with just an inch or less on each side of the fold-in side mirrors. We may have been the first Escalade through the tree, according to staff.

A scene on the Avenue of the Giants, just south of Myer's Flat, California.

All these kids need is a big 'ol STIHL saw,

We stopped at "Founders Grover" for the walking loop. Below is a shot up through the canopy near the founder's tree which is 346 feet tall.

A young redwood sapling, reaching for sunlight.

The fallen, Dyerville Giante tree, said to have been the tallest Redwood in the forest at 380 feet high.

When I was a boy, we traveled through this area in the 1960's. The logging economy was vibrant and every little town was teaming with life and economic vitality. That is no more, in fact it is just the opposite, almost every town appears to be severely depressed and largely void of productive young people.

At the hands of radical, self serving environmentalists with the "Spotted Owl" as their surrogate for extortion, the logging industry is less than a shadow of its former leadership in life long multi-generation employment, economic infusion and reliability. Today, it is replaced with Marijuana farmers, shoddy and almost comedic tourist industries and geriatric Hippies - all likely locked into monthly welfare checks.

Very sad!

Pacific Lumber Company operates the only working mill in the area located in the company town of Scotia, which by the way is the only town showing a degree of housekeeping and economic vitality.

Exactly alike company houses in Scotia.

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