Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This is "Inspiration"!

Please take a moment to view this video. this fine, country gal is the epitome of American Spirit. God Bless her!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Finally, an IPhone that is reliable!

It truly is The Network!

As a telecom career dog, I spent a good amount of time in the wireless arena. One stint was with GTE Mobilnet in Hawaii where I held numerous technical and some management titles. It was a tough job in paradise and all but, someone had to do it. A bit later, GTE Mobilnet became one of the main parts of what is Verizon Wireless today.

Fast forward: I pretty much live and work by cell phone and Internet connection and Appe's Iphone was a Godsend with a superb user interface to all the tools that let me walk out of my office in confidence to continue the business day while mobile.

Unfortunately, Apple teamed up with AT&T Wireless and AT&T's horrid cellular network. When I say "horrid" I relate to dropped calls 90% of the time, spotty coverage, poor audio quality, and slow call setup time.

None the less, the Apple features and functionality made dealing with that rotten network tolerable.

It goes without saying that I was thrilled to learn of the Iphone on my former employers, superior network. I took the invite for an early buy and ordered my phone on February 3rd. The phone arrived today and within 30 minutes, I was on-line with call quality and reliability that was light years ahead of what AT&T Wireless offered.

As an example, I have received or made 5 calls today. Of the calls made, most were very long: 57 minutes, 22 minutes and one for 10 minutes. All of these calls were while driving. Inbound calls were generally short. On every occasion, the calls were crystal clear and never, ever dropped. As a comparison, 55 minute calls were unheard of on AT&T Wireless as a call could never be maintained for a fraction of that time period.

There are fears that the Verizon Wireless network will become overloaded. We shall see, In the mean time I am just happy to hold much more professional calls while mobile.