Saturday, June 23, 2007

Saturday, June 23rd

Here is our route today. At over 200 miles on country roads, I figure we will be traveling for 7 to 8 hours today. We have a planned stop at the Point Arena Lighthouse and likely in Mendocino.

Update: Sunday, June 24th @0930hrs

ICE ROAD TRUCKERS! -- I am ready!

The route north of Bodega Bay to Mendocino is by far, one of the most scenic we have ever traveled. Highway 1, below Monterrey is not even close. This area warrants a complete week to see the incredible natural beauty. Our schedule this year unfortunately does not allow. We will be back with camera in hand and the time required to do this place justice.

Back to the road! WOW that was fun! I really enjoy these roads, tight, twisty and little traffic. I'll take them any day over a more straight, more crowded and more stressful road.

This switchback required that I use the outside, oncoming lane to make the turn. A first ever in the Monsterhome.

We witnessed bike riders pulling trailers, pumping up incredible hills along this stretch. Notice how these errant riders are outide their designated bicycle lane!!!

We found another "top spot for eats" - Bone's Roadhouse in Gualala served up superb BBQ. I had beef brisket and Kim had pulled pork. Both were super tender and championship quality. The service was superb and friendly.

We stopped at Point Arena to visit the Lighthouse which has been in constant service since the 1870's and is one of the only lighthouses where you can ascend to the top.

I have always been fascinated with technology from the 19th century. Think about how the lighthouse had to operate in that era. The light was a pressure fed, oil lamp that had a type of carburetor. The huge lens rotated on a base of liquid mercury via a weight and pulley system that had to be reset every 60 minutes via manual action from one of the three light keepers. Then there was the Fog Horn - how did that operate so reliably in the 19th century? Here is a great link to learn how -

The view from the lighthouse to the northwest.

The staircase in the lighthouse.


  1. I may never get here but feel like I am seeing it thru your photos. Thank you. Laura

  2. Laura, it's a great trip. If you can't do the whole route start in the Redwoods and go to Florence, OR then skip up to Long Beach, WA and around the Olympic Peninsula.