Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday, June 16th

We are on the road for the big three week road trip of 2007.

We left V-town at noon Saturday. West on I-15 to Barstow facing 30mph head and cross winds the whole way - no sweat in the Monsterhome. We set the cruise for 60mph and motored on. Everyone riding in back, hadn't a clue of the weather.

For awhile a driver of an RV from El Monte Rentals attempted to keep pace in the wind. Each time the driver attempted a pass and came up alongside, his bleached white fingers clutched to the steering wheel stood out like a beacon of light. On the occasion that he actually got by the Monsterhome his big, Rental RV would be "crabbing" down I-15 like a 747 landing at the old Hong Kong airport in hurricane force crosswinds.

We left I-15 and headed due east on Cal State Highway 58 west of Barstow. By Boron, the winds were 40-50 mph and were the strongest most aggressive winds I have ever driven in. The gusts were actually noticeable in the Monsterhome as we passed lesser rigs parked on the side of the road, often sans the driver's side awnings that were removed by the crosswinds. Too often one member of the sidelined party was sprawled out on the roof clutching awning remnants like something out of a cartoon show.

As usual, our party was unaffected.

Once we crossed into the Tehachapi Valley, the weather settled down and was down right nice. We landed at Mountain Valley RV Park situated right next to Mountain Valley Airport an abode that caters mostly to Glider Planes and Pilots.

Tomorrow, we are off to Morro Bay, crossing the Cntral Valley of California into the coastal foothills and down California Highway 41 which is a "twisty road" warmup for driving on CA Highway 1 up the coast.

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  1. In the 60's ... we had a VW bus... which I put a queen size bed in... and under than stuff all our camping gear..

    That thing was like a box kite... and going into a head wind in some cases would take me down to second gear ... once first gear ... and we were on flat ground.

    Can't imagine the stability ya got there... hell ya might be able to go through a tornado ...

    Thanks for sharing