Monday, July 11, 2011

ROAD TRIP - Silverton, Co to Monument Valley, UT

It's hard to leave paradise but, the Salt Mine has us all on a leash for now. We bid Silverton and our friends farewell, thanked them for their hospitality and camaraderie and hit the road for a two day journey back to our home in Las Vegas, NV.

This route would take us through both Monument Valley for a nightly stop over and the Grand Canyon National Park for a quick stop.

The drive to the southwest takes us to Cortez, Colorado where we make a fuel stop at Fraley's Sinclar, one of the last "easy in and out" truck stop in our path for the next 400 miles. Out of Cortez we are on the former Highway 666, now 160. this road is a bumpy mess all the way down to the junction off to Monument Valley where the road just gets worse. There is some construction to fix things up. Hopefully the next pass through this stretch will not toss all the clothes off the hanger pole in the RV closet.

To Monument Valley, we turned off on Colorado 41, Utah 162. Now this road is narrow, real narrow, like driving on some of the more remote stretches of Highway 1 in Baja, and then you have the bicyclists!!! We counted over a dozen spread out widely on this route, all fit woman, all heading west on a 12" wide shoulder.

Three in a row of a dozen. Check the heat waves
on the road horizon
Bluff Fort, Bluff Utah

There is a new reason to visit Bluff, Utah - The Bluff Fort is the benefit fo some very outstanding care-taking, restoration and craftsmanship. here are a few photos:

Pano of the cabin area of fort
Inside Pano of a Pioneer's Cabin
Inside the Meeting House

More info on Bluff, Utah and the surrounding areas can be found HERE .

Out of Bluff we descended into the magic of Monument Valley. Stay tuned for that entry, coming soon.


  1. I'm really surprised to see you didn't post pictures of the amazing Monument Valley views...?? What gives?

  2. No problemo! I have all the photos post processed and will have a follow up article on soon.

    Looks like a very nice weekend for the freedom race. We will be at Slash X and will have our 3400 gallon pool out there again.