Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ROAD TRIP - Off-road - Clear Lake

Clear Lake Panaorama
One of the most interesting destinations near Silverton is Clear Lake. A turquoise, crystal clear, alpine lake, high above the timberline. In most years, you can drive to this lake by the 4th of July weekend. Any 4x4 vehicle can make the trip. A low range transfer case and some extra ground clearance is a bonus as the road does become steep and has some very mild rock crawling spots near the top.

Full Map
Detail Map of Switchbacks

You can download and see this Google Map HERE

Still lots of snow. The road had been open for only one day.
Looking down from above.
Just back under the Timberline heading down from
Clear Lake. The view of the valley below.


The nicest, public camp areas near Silverton are at the South Mineral Creek Campground and Dispersed "Dry" Camp areas.

You can find more info HERE. Scroll down to the listing.
Also at the USDA for this site.

Campers along Clear Creek in the Dispersed "Dry Camp" area.
First come first served.

The South Mineral Campground.

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