Monday, July 18, 2011

ROAD TRIP - @ Monument Valley and a bit of The Grand Canyon

This is our second trip in a few years to Monument Valley. Previously, we were in a bit of a hurry and did not take the scenic loop in the Navajo Tribal Park, which is included in the $25 a car load entry fee to the observation point at the "The View Lodge". This time, we had the entire afternoon available and the Dodge 4x4 Pickup behind the Monsterhome, instead of my Wife's Caddy Escalade.  The Loop road is definitely rough and sandy in spots. The Navajo folks are right to only allow vehicles with decent ground clearance to make the trip.

More info on Monument Valley can be found as follows:
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Needless to say, Monument Valley is a Photographer's Paradise of color and contrasts. I will attempt to live up to my formal experience with the following images.

A panorama shot from The View Lodge

A pano from the Loop Trail

RV PARK REVIEW - Goulding's Lodge Campground

Hmm, the highest priced park we stayed in, the entire trip. We paid $70 for one night with a Good Sam discount!! Add filthy bathrooms, a lousy wi-fi signal, cramped quarters. I rate this place a 2 of 10 and only deserving points for the close proximity to the tribal park. Without question, these rip off artists need some serious competition!

Info on this RV park can be found as follows:

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Grand Canyon National Park

We had my wife's sister aboard for the trip from Silverton, Colorado to Las Vegas, NV and we agreed that it would be a fitting surprise for her to see the Grand Canyon again, having last visited when she was a very young child.

We entered from the east side on the south rim and stopped first at "The Tower".  This attraction had a good number of vistors that by all indications were made up @ 60% foreign countries. I say "thank you, we appreciate the business you bring. I hope you enjoyed your stay, and lastly please come again".

Pano from The Tower edge of the Canyon
Just something neat @ The Tower
Next stop was Mather Point. Wow, was it ever crowded. We stayed at nearby, Trailer Village in 2007 and the crowds were much less intense. This time, the parking lots were full with many, many people fighting for parking spots, bumping into each other and also into polls and other objects.

We had planned to take lunch at the Yavapai Lodge but, there was certainly no room to park our rig as we had before.

I loathe crowds but, I have to be happy for the Park and it's employees that are enjoying a high visitor rate this year.

Pano from Mather Point

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