Monday, June 20, 2011

ROAD TRIP - In Tombstone, AZ

We spent the day in Tombstone, AZ. Did the OK Corral show as well as the tour of the Bird Cage Theater.


Doc Holiday
The shootout show is worth the $10 admission which includes a tour of various western artifacts as well as a Diorama and History movie. The actual shootout is well done by the actors, especially with Doc Holiday's poetic discourse. Of all the actors, he was the most into his role.


A visit to Boot Hill is part of the fare in Tombstone. here lies the remains of Old Man Clanton, father to the Clanton boys that died at the OK Corral.


Mid day on Allen Street, Tombstone, AZ.

Early evening, sunset light on Allen Street. This shot looks up the historic street that bustled with life 140 years ago. The buildings are well preserved and filled with various saloons and gift stores.

We had a nice Pizza and cold beer lunch at Big Nose Kate's Saloon. The food was good and the service outstanding. The owner visited our table and had our teenagers and 9 year old pose with various, period attire around the Saloon for free. That's great hospitality!


Wells Fargo RV Park.

You can find more about this park at the following links:

Wells Fargo RV Park Home Page
RV Park Reviews

Overall I give this Park a 3 of 10. All it has really going for it is the close proximity to the main tourist area of Tombstone and clean restrooms and showers. The staff was very bossy and the price was ridiculous at $49 a night! Add a very poor quality, non-secured Wi-Fi service as status quo.


We are heading to Carlsbad Caverns for our second visit to this attraction. It's a 450 mile haul that dips into Texas before returning back to New Mexico.

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