Sunday, June 5, 2011

American Afternoon

Softball on the National Mall with the
Washington Monument as a backdrop.

I was in Washington DC recently to attend the ITW Conference and to visit some folks on The Hill. Normally these trips are wall to wall business with little time to venture about the city. Due to a later flight out the next day, I had free time on my last afternoon and evening in the Capital. Here are a few photos that are worth sharing.

Washington DC is a city of young people. Some are from nearby George Washington University. I suspect that the majority are from the various staff positions on The Hill.  This afternoon and I am sure like all - when the weather permits - brings the people out for athletics on the National Mall. It seemed that every inch of crass was covered by a softball or kickball game. I saw little in the way of Soccer, and that is fine by me.

Obama was cavorting in the UK with "fringe type" celebrities while the "fly over state" folks in Joplin where doing their best to pick up the pieces of their lives. I'd shame Obama but, I doubt that concept of morality registers with the man.

The First Division Monument in front of the
Old Executive Office Building

The Smithsonian Castle

Row Houses near Dupont Circle
Steps to the Capital

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