Friday, June 24, 2011

ROAD TRIP - Amarillo, TX to Dodge City, KS

Gettin' out of Dodge... EARLY!

We came to Dodge City for the western heritage. Past the Boot Hill Museum, there isn't anything else to see in town. Even that attraction is a restoration of the old part of town and not even close to being on par with the locales of Virginia City NV, Tombstone AZ or Silverton CO.  Add the predicted high temp of 107 degrees on Sunday and there is no reason to stay.... We'll be heading to Taos Saturday before noon and likely abbreviate that stay for a day as we run to the cool weather of the Colorado High Country in Silverton.

I find happiness on rural, two lane roads of America!
Don't mind the bugs on the windshield..

I will say that the drive from Amarillo to Dodge was enjoyable. The small and slightly larger towns of Kansas are very well kept in all respects. The nicest small town we have seen this trip was Liberal Kansas. Ya, I know... the town name could be better but it's far from what the name belies as it even has a Haliburton office. The town also appeared to be void of Old Hippies, Dirt Worshipping Eco-Freaks and all their trappings such as neo-Hippie Hostels,  Tie-Dye T-shirt shops, Dumpster Diver Co-ops and what these lazy loons call "The Vortex of the Harmonic Convergence" <---WTF IS THAT!!  ....Anywaze. good on you people of Liberal KS, you have a nice town.

Seen on the side of the road in Liberal, KS USA.. a very nice BBQ Smoker outfit.
Hippie Towns don't have such things as "Smoked Tofu" is not the rage.


I give this older park an 8 of 10. It is spacious, well kept, has very friendly staff, the 50amp spot for a party of 5 was $30 a night and the old pool is in great shape offering a nice cool dip after a hot days on the plains.

I did not use the free WiFi as my Verizon 3g service was perfect, as usual.

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