Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Wednesday, July 4th - GOD BLESS THE USA!

What's a trip on Oregon, Highway 97 without a side jaunt over to Crater Lake?

Here is our route for today.

I surprised the family and diverted our route today to include Crater Lake, National Park. It has been 40 years since I was here last. The Lake is as beautiful as ever!

Can you say "BLUE" and "WOW"!

From the village on the south side of the rim.

Also from the south side.

From the rim near the north entrance.

We have been blessed with superb weather this trip. The photos above are indicative of being in the right place with the right climate.

We are in Hat Creek, CA tonight - truly in the Northern California outback. Highway 97 was a superb road 'till we crossed into California where it either presented complete disrepair or, as the mother road of makeshift repairs. I think all Caltrans does is patch pavement cracks with what must be an endless supply of road tar. The question begs - what in the is California doing with all the tax and lottery revenues?

Tomorrow we will head to Carson City, NV for a one day layover with visits to Comstock Country, i.e. Virginia city as well as Lake Tahoe.

Just a reminder, all the photos you see here will be available at my photo gallery site, within 60 days.



This is my first, formal review on the campsite we stayed at and on the roads that led us to our destination. I hope that you find this information useful.

CAMPGROUND - Hat Creek, Hereford Ranch, RV Park & Campground


* Great for kids!
* The creek side, swimming beach was refreshing.
* Superb Wifi access.
* Spacious sites - easy navigating for very large rigs.
* Beautiful grounds.
* Friendly staff, the office was open 'till 2000hrs,


* The park is about 30 years old and the facilities show it although everything is maintained well.
* 30 amp AC outlets only.
* A little tricky to find if you are heading eastbound on Highway 89. There is no sign 'till a 100 yards or so before you need to turn off the highway.


Oregon, Highway 97 - A superb road the entire length. Well maintained, marked and safe.

Crater Lake Access - Note: Disconnect and have your Tow'd follow if you plan to take a large RV through the park.

We entered the park via the northern gate. The road from Highway 97 and to the gate was excellent. The rim road to the village on the south side is extremely narrow, steep and winding with no shoulder and no guard rails. The parking area at the village is small and tight and barely has turn around facilities for larger rigs. The southern access route to the park via Oregon, State Highway 62, starts out south from the village with fairly sharp curves and a steep downhill grade. The road progressively straightens out into a very good, well maintained road all the way through Fort Klamath and back to Highway 97. The route through the upper Klamath Valley is very beautiful with expansive ranch land bordered by mountain ranges.

California, Highway 97 - As soon as we crossed the border, the road went downhill and became a fairly bumpy patchwork of new and old asphalt. The road is straight and fast with the exception of turns and grades at the area nearing Weed, California.

California, Highway 89 - A good mountain road but also in disrepair in many places. Watch for road construction between Bartle and Cayton.

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