Saturday, July 7, 2007

Saturday, July 7th

We are heading home today. We may do the 430 miles in one day or break it up with stops and an overnight in Goldfield or Tonopah.

Update: 2200hrs

We are home. The Nevada roads were perfect. I can't remember a single pot hole in 400+ miles. We left Carson City at 1100hrs and arrived home at 1900hrs. We stopped three times, once for lunch, a 15 minute stretch in Tonopah and 30 minutes in Amargosa where I talked to a husband and wife, trucking couple that had just done a big portion of our overall route in reverse. Good people!!

The Monsterhome performed perfectly. Not a single issue with the coach or truck. The Renegade-Kibbi product remains a "ten" in my book!

We averaged just under 8 MPG for the whole trip. The Eslcalade was towed 80% of all miles and our avereage speed for the trip was 47 MPH, too include all the tight twisty roads of California Highway 1 and US 101.


I will be editing the photos and the blog over the next 30-60 days. The best photos will be made available on my gallery site and the Blog will be edited to add road conditions and RV park reviews as much as possible.

Looking back, there are a few places we definitely plan to camp out for extended stays in the future. In order:

1) Virgina City, NV - This town has great future potential with the reconstruction of the V&R railroad by 2010.

2) Charleston, OR - The southern and central Oregon Coast is breathtakingly beautiful and adds a real working environment of fishing and logging towns to make it real.


  1. Pat, Don't push it --that last few miles always look inviting . Take the extra day to enjoy !

  2. Up or down in my country , it's a combination of Kalifornia and Utah plates that pass us !

  3. Will you be traveling again this year? I enjoy reading your posts and think others would too. I've linked your blog to our site. You can check it out at