Thursday, July 5, 2007

Thursday, July 5th

We are heading to Carson City, NV today which is just 170 miles away. The last two days have been 350 miles plus per day on two lane country highways, and a bit tiring.

Our route is as follows.

Update: 2145hrs

Sorry, I did not take photos today. We will be touring Lake Tahoe, Virginia City and hopefully, the local Railroad Museum tomorrow.



Comstock Country RV Resort


* A great base for the area to reach out to Tahoe, Virginia City etc.
* Clean, well maintained common facilities.
* Easy to find, right on Highway 395 at the west, Highway 50 intersection.
* Friendly staff.


* Lots of highway noise.
* Sterile, gravel and asphalt park.
* Extremely tight quarters.
* Wifi is worthless!!


California, Highway 44 - South from Hat Creek to the Highway 36 Junction. The typical, beat up, poorly maintained California road 'till you cross the Lassen County line to the Highway 36 junction, where the road is excellent.

California, Highway 36 - A good to excellent road from the Highway 44 junction to Susanville.

California, Highway 395 - The typical, beat up, poorly maintained California road along with construction to resurface the highway, starting about 10 miles north of the Nevada border where the road is resurfaced and superb.

Nevada, Highway 395 - California Border to Carson City, NV. A perfect road except for a few rough patches in Reno. The new freeway, presently under construction between south Reno and Carson City will just make it better.

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