Friday, July 6, 2007

Friday, July 6th

We will be touring Virginia City and possibly circling Lake Tahoe today. Here is our planned route.

Update: 2215hrs

Virginia City was a hit! We spent almost the whole day there.

Downtown Virginia City.

One of the restored storefronts, era 1865.

Harleys out in front of the Union Brewery and Brass Rail Saloon.

The bar inside the Bucket of Blood Saloon.

Another vintage bar, this time at the Delta Saloon.

More motorcycles, out in front of the Silver Queen.

The bar inside the Union Brewery. Look closely, thee are about a hundred, women's bras hanging from the ceiling.

The desk Mark Twain launched his literary career from.

The inside of the Mark Twain Museum. Not to be missed.

One of the Vintage Fire Engines on display at the Comstock Fireman's Museum.

The Old Washoe Club. The upstairs portion housed the Millionaires Club where back in the 1860's you had to have a minimum net worth of one million dollars before you were considered for club membership.

An old timer playing at the original piano from the Old Washoe Club.

We only managed a quick trip up to Lake Tahoe. This photo is from the east side.

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