Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bonneville Speed Week - Sunday, August 14th

WOW! What cool stuff we saw today! We stayed almost all day at Course #3 and #4 - both 5 mile runs. By far - the most obscure, most amusing and interesting was the Bio-Diesel powered motorcycle of Gene Hill from Odessa, MO USA.

This bike is powered by an Italian, Industrial/Farm motor more fit for a water pump than a motorcycle. Performance add-ons include a turbo charger from a Geo Metro.  As of the moment I published this Blog, there is not an official time for the bike although, Gene says it has gone 27 MPH in the past.

Update: From the SCTA Official Timing Gene did just 17 MPH on his runs, Saturday. We'll watch for his results the rest of the week.

And see the video!

There is a lot more like Gene and his vehicle at Bonneville. How about a supercharged, 175cc Honda. Yes, that is a roots blower on the little motor.

The "Screwball", 500cc Special Construction Motorcycle

The Somers and Somers, 250cc BSA Motorcycle

The Shinya Kamura, 1350cc, Harley Davidson "Knucklehead" Motorcycle.

An old Harley Davidson, 1000cc Sportster - Super Chief Racing @ Speed!


"SaltBiscuit", a 175cc Shanghai Shenki Motorcycle. Todd and Terry Reuhs.



As I publish this Blog, the weather has turned in great contrast. First, we has a monsoon rain, then clearing skies and now high winds. I can only imagine what the racer's pits look like out on the lake bed. We'll miss that story as we will head back to Hell's Half Acre tomorrow morning, leaving behind Bonneville 'till next year.

This has been an awesome trip, a new and lasting experience..

Now if we can just get Joe Hauler on a Diesel Motorcycle.

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